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This SunFounder Touch Screen is a 10-point IPS touch screen in a 10.1” big size and with a high resolution of 1280×800, bringing you perfect visual experience. It works with various operating systems including Raspbian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Windows, Android, and Chrome OS.
For more information, please refer to: http://wiki.sunfounder.cc/index.php?title=10.1_Inch_Touch_Screen_for_Raspberry_Pi

Package Included
1 x 10.1” IPS Touch Screen
7 x M2.5 x 14.4 Copper Standoff
2 x M2.5 x 22 Copper Standoff
2 x Wrenches
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x MicroUSBCable
1 x USB Touch Screen Cable
1 x 12V2A Power Adapter
HIGH RESOLUTION – The 10.1 inch IPS touchscreen LCD monitor with high resolution of 1280×800 pixels
PLUG AND PLAY – Just connect the control board and the screen by an HDMI cable and it can work immediately, needless of driver
UNIVERSAL FASTENING POSITION – Supports Raspberry Pi 3, 2 Model B, and RPi 1 B+, LattePanda, and PC
MULTIPLE APPLICABLE OS – Supports Raspbian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Mate, Windows, Android, Chrome OS
THOUGHTFUL DESIGNED – Keeps itself flat with 4 copper standoffs of the same height at the back case, also for fastening
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