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Máquina tatuar:

Factory Number:P077EUYMX Voltage adjust: Turn up clockwise,otherwise,turn down,per 0.1v+/-. Stainless-steel,Tatouage power-supply foot-switch pedal. Foot pedal mode: Working under switch(light off) or continuous (light on) modes by pressing voltage button. None on/off button,power will go into sleep mode automatically after stopping 5 minutes later to reduce power consumption.All display will be closed.Any touch or turn on voltage button will back to working mode. Self-protection device: Cut off the power automatically under incorrect use and touch switch will back to normal operation,it will keep current stable. Package Include: 1 x Tattoo Machine Power Supply 1 x Power Plug (fit for your countries) 1 x Clip Cord 1 x Foot PedalDragonhawk tattoo power supply provide quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments
Operate both rotary and coil tattoo machines at maximum efficiency without having to switch modes.
Improve your machine reliability and efficiency with smooth consistent power output from the Dragonhawk power box
Net Weight: 145gram. 90*87*32.5mm, overvoltage protecting. Anti-fatigue mode
1 x Power Plug (fit for your countries), 1 x Dragonhawk foot pedal, 1 x clip cord
Precio actualizado: EUR 35,00
(as of Mar 14,2020 00:18:06 UTC – Detalle del precio)


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