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Mirror: The key shifts between tow kinds of light situation. Mirror Copy and Normal Copy. The default situation is Mirror Copy. When the mirror copy function starts, the mirror light works.

Normal: The key shifts between tow kinds of light situation. When the normal copy function starts, the normal light works.

Error: The light is to show something wrong happened on the machine. When the TPH is Overheating, the light goes on.

Effective Scanning Width:210 mm. Scanning Resolution: Horizontal:8 dot / mm, Vertical(Standard)7.7 line/mm. Document Type: Fine/Photo. Document size:A5-A4. Document Thickness:0.06 mm-0.15mm. Effective Printing width:210mm. Power: AC 110V-220V; 50Hz/0.46A. Environment condition: Working Temperature: 5 – 35 Degree, Relative Humidity:20%-80%. Package Size: 290 mm(W) x 280(D) x 80mm(H)A Thermal Copier allows the tattoo artist to make a copy of a design that can then be transferred onto the skin of the person getting the tattoo, making sure that the tattooer will get exactly what he or she wants
This machine is both 110v and 220v compatible and will work all over the world
Update Version of tattoo printer, optimizing quality for better tattoo-transferring
Copied documents by types of deepness 1 and deepness 2 for fine line and heavy line
Super ideal for transfer paper and specifically for the tattoo artist
Precio actualizado: EUR 175,00
(as of Mar 15,2020 23:12:05 UTC – Detalle del precio)


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