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LCD shield is ideally suited to adding a screen and keypad to your project.
This is the 1602 blue backlit module which provides 2 lines of 16 white characters on a blue background and is based on the popular HD44780 setup which is soldered into a 6 button keypad Arduino board shield..
The shield is designed communicate with the LCD by using the liquidcrystal library..
The interface board also contains a potentiometer that controls the brightness of the letters on the background. Instructions for the setup process are easy to find online, however please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance..
Technical Details.:
1.LCD size: 20.5mm * 41mm
2.Display capacity: 16*2 character
3.White texts on blue background
4.Comes with a potentiometer to adjust the backlight
5.Chip working voltage: 4.5-5.5V
6.Working current: 2.0 mA (5.0V)
7.Optimum working voltage: 5.0V
8.Character size: 2.95*4.35 (W*H) mm
9.Dimensions: 80mm *58mm*22mm
10.Weight: 51.5gThe keyestudio LCD shield integrates 1602 LCD display and six buttons into one piece, which is fully compatible with keyestudio UNO R3 Mega 2560 control board
There are two communication methods for 1602 LCD display and UNO R3 board, separately the 8-Bit connection and 4-Bit connection. The LCD shield is default the 4-Bit connection
Under LCD there are 5 control buttons (Select, Up, Down, Left, Right) and a reset button
The 5 buttons are connected with A0 analog input only, so you can monitor button status using just one Arduino input
The shield also comes with a potentiometer to adjust the LCD backlight; Pay attention: status monitoring is unavailable when several buttons are pressed
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