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1. An integrated signal conditioning module for ECG and other bio electrical measurement applications. The device is designed to extract, amplify and filter weak biological electrical signals in the case of noise generated by moving or remote electrode placement. The design enables ultra-low power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) or embedded microcontroller to easily capture the output signal.
2. AD8232 using bipolar point high pass filter to eliminate motion artifacts and electrode half-cell potential. The filter is tightly coupled with the instrument amplifier structure, which can realize the single stage high gain and high pass filter, thus saving the space and the cost. 3. AD8232 uses a nonoperational amplifier to create a three pole low pass filter, eliminating the additional noise. Users can meet the needs of different types of applications by selecting the cut-off frequency of all filters.
In order to improve the system circuit frequency and other undesirable interference of the common mode rejection performance, AD8232 built in an amplifier for the right side driver (RLD) and other drive lead applications.
4. AD8232 contains a fast recovery function; you can reduce the long high pass filter to establish the long tail phenomenon. If the amplifier rail voltage signal mutation (such as the lead out of the case), AD8232 will automatically adjust to a higher filter cutoff state. This feature allows the AD8232 to achieve rapid recovery, and thus the lead connection to the measurement of the object can be achieved as soon as possible after the measurement of the value.
Package Included:
1 * AD8232 Sensor Module
1. Single lead heart rate monitor
2. AD8232 is an integrated front end, applicable to the heart of the biological electrical signal to carry out a letter
3. The number of conditioning to carry out heart rate monitoring.
4. Ensure the performance of the rated temperature range of 0 to 70 degrees C, the operating temperature range of -40 to +85.
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