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How do I modify the “php.ini” file?

To modify the “php.ini” file, follow these steps:

Access the server where your website is hosted and locate the “php.ini” file. This file is usually located in the “etc” or “usr/local/lib” folder on Linux servers, or in the “C:\Windows” folder on Windows servers.

Make a backup copy of the “php.ini” file before editing it, so that you can revert any changes you make if something goes wrong.

Open the “php.ini” file in a text editor, such as Notepad.

Look for the line that says “max_execution_time” and modify its value. By default, the value is 30 seconds. You can increase the value to a higher number, such as 60 or 120 seconds, depending on your needs.

Save the changes to the “php.ini” file and close the text editor.

Restart the web server to apply the changes. This can be done via the command line or server control panel.

Note that if you do not have access to the “php.ini” file on your server, you may need to contact your web hosting provider to make the changes for you. You can also consider using a WordPress plugin to adjust the PHP settings from the WordPress admin panel.